An APC Chieftain Reveals History Of Rivers APC Crisis, Senator Abe Wishing Buhari Dead And Plots To Destroy Amaechi


An APC Chieftain, Sir Hon. Lucky Worluh, a leader in the All Progressives
Congress (APC) in Rivers State and an Embattled Chairman of Emohua
Local Government Area, Rivers State, speaks on the history of the Rivers APC crisis in an interview with Vanguard reporter

To you, what is the origin of the crisis in Rivers APC?

Sincerely speaking, there is no problem in Rivers APC, what
we have is somebody who is used to being in position
thinking that others should not be given opportunities to
handle positions.
This whole thing started in the first tenure of President
Muhammadu Buhari when the president was sick and at a
time flown abroad. A lot of stories came up, like the former
governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, who told the whole
world that President Buhari was on life support, that he had
evidence. That singular thought by Fayose and others was
the impetus of what is happening in Rivers APC till date.
For them, it was a thought that this kind of thing had
happened during President Yar Adua. He fell sick, was taken
abroad and he never returned. When he (Yar’ Adua) was
abroad people like Dora Akunyili played same track some
people took after to do in Rivers State since it paid off for
her. When President Goodluck Jonathan took over she got
an appointment. So, those from Rivers State who felt
President Buhari wasn’t going to return took the same road
hoping it was going to pay them at last but were disappointed.
What happened was that politician in Rivers State who
thinks that they are smart saw that Rotimi Chibuike
Amaechi, Ahmed Tinubu, President Buhari and others were
strong persons behind APC, and Amaechi happens to be
the leader of the party in South-South because of his
contribution and participation, and they needed to displace
him. They wanted to be the leader of the party when a new
government comes in place, believing that President Buhari
will not come back alive. They knew they cannot remove
him (Amaechi) from the recognition of Buhari and from the
APC leadership in the country. They needed to take over the
state and the region. So, they aspired as an alternative
leadership. History is important to put across. Senator
Magnus Abe, who is a smart politician, felt it was the best
time to offer himself as an alternate leader of the party in
Rivers State. They were the same set of people supporting
Sakari to fight Buhari.
Abe’s thanksgiving in Rivers State was also used as a
political realignment ground for them.
When the time to bring Adams Oshiomhole as the Chairman
of our party came, Abe also played eye service role hoping
he will be made the leader of the party in the state.

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Are you trying to say that the crisis in Rivers APC is as a
result of the moves by Abe to take over the leadership of
the party in the state?

Yes, that is the truth. That is the reason behind all this fight.
Again Amaechi said in one of our meetings in Abuja. He
said that he is thinking of throwing up some new leaders in
the party because some persons have tried and it would be
an opportunity to give the younger generation opportunity to
serve, immediately he said that some that have benefited
with top positions, was eight years commissioners in
Amaechi’s administration and were also planning to also
destroy him (Amaechi) saw the opportunity to fight
Amaechi for planning to give the younger one’s opportunity.
They had many evil plans against Amaechi. I could
remember a day at the airport as at the period President
Buhari was away due to ill health, a leader of the party met
us and said we should pray hard that Buhari should be alive,
that if anything happens to him (Buhari) that Amaechi will
go to jail, that they have concluded the plans. By the grace
of God Buhari is alive today, strong and hearty. The evil
plans of those who wished him dead were shattered and

Does it appear Abe is arm twisting Amaechi in the crisis?

What Abe and his supporters are doing in APC is to remain
in the party and sink it. Amaechi has given us purposeful
leadership. He has shown us, love. What they have
succeeded in doing is enabling PDP won the state. What
they did was to hold APC for PDP to win. We will remain
with APC. I want to see peace return to APC. I want us to
come together and build the party, without deceit. I call on
President Muhammadu Buhari to call Amaechi and Abe
together and make peace between them.

It appears that what happened to APC in 2019, may happen
again in 2023?

No, it will not happen. What happened in 2019 was for
Nigerian history to be complete. What happened in 2019
was simply that Abe made himself the arrowhead of their
systematic plan to undermine Amaechi. This is the first time
I am seeing that people who are not from this region were
working to see that a certain leader did not win in his state
so that they will use it as a political point. As it stands, Abe
and others need to apologize to Rivers people because of
the quality of the representatives we have today at the
national assembly as a result of his actions. When a case is
against Governor Nyesom Wike, the court will begin to delay
it. Like the case of the 22 local government chairmen in
Rivers with the state government. That case has been at the
Supreme Court for over five years now. What they did in
2019 was planned and they want to start the same thing
ahead of 2023, but this second one will not work. They will
definitely fail this time because there is enough time for us
to handle the matter. We are ready to play politics with
them. Why will somebody take the national executive of the
party to court and he will not be suspended?

As an APC chieftain, who is this Ibrahim Umah that has always taken your party to court?

I have not heard about these people in the party. I don’t
think they exist. I have not heard about them before. This
brings to question the duties of the Department for State
Security, DSS. It is the duty of DSS to do a report to
President, Governor or the Local Government Chairman on
any issue. I don’t think this Ibrahim Umah exists as a
member of the APC. The DSS needs to investigate this.
People can forge names and take this to court because the
court has no means to investigate these people. The name
does not sound Rivers. And it appears the Supreme Court
gave judgment to a name that does not exist.

After the voided congresses of the party, it took the APC a
long time to constitute the caretaker committee, why did
this happen?

The only sin Amaechi committed is that he provided himself
as the person that fought for the enthronement of President
Muhammadu Buhari. I think that sin is still hunting Amaechi.
There are lots of persons that are with the president today,
wining and dining with him but earlier they never believed in
him (Buhari) and they are the ones keeping Sen. Abe and
others in the struggle. Buhari is a man who believes in
discipline. Are they also saying Amaechi does not have the
right to say who flies the party’s flag? Some leaders who
are not from this region just want to hijack the structure of
the party. Abe is still in APC because there are forces in the
party and in other parties who want to destroy Amaechi.
They are working closely now to bring in a PDP governor
into the party so that they will work together and displace
Amaechi. Abe made us not to have candidates and he is
moving freely in the party. Why are they afraid of congress,
they should buy their form and come out for the contest.
The courts in Rivers State seems compromised.
The party announced congresses and Abe has gone to
court again to stop it, comment?
I don’t believe in just expelling people from the party
without caution. The evil has been done, Rivers people lost.
There is a need for urgent and sincere reconciliation in the
party. For there to be reconciliation, there must be
recognition of the leadership of the party. I don’t think Abe’s
interest is on reconciliation. He has a programme with other
people within and outside the party. What happened at
Zamfara State is exactly what is happening here. He may
not accept any genuine reconciliation because he has a
target. Those who said they’re with Abe, fighting Amaechi
are even the ones occupying a front seat in every PDP
program in the state.

What is your advice to the party on how to handle the crisis
this time?

Let the process be allowed to go on. The matter is not
hidden to the parties involved. NJC should wake up. What is
happening in Rivers State is affecting the country. The CJN
should declare emergency in the courts in Rivers State
because things are going wrong. I am advising Amaechi as
a leader to forgive them. To err is human, but to forgive is
divine. I also advise Magnus Abe to be careful because
some of those people pushing him want him to fail. The younger generation and all of us are saying the fight is



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