The former Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi says he considers himself a huge success in the first term of President Muhammadu Buhari`s administration.

In an interview with Channels Television in Abuja, Amaechi said his re-appointment as a minister for another term is at the discretion of the President not in his power. I am not the President. The President will decide those who will come back. So its between God and the President. I don`t know, he stated.

It`s not in my position to access my performance. (I consider myself) a huge success, he said.

He stated that the President made promise and that He promised security. At that time, the problem was Boko Haram. To a great extent, Boko Haram has been decimated.

Ameachi explained that the constant gridlock on the Apapa road in Lagos could be solved by the Lagos-Ibadan Railway.

He further said, before the traffic would be addressed, the Ibadan-Kano should be handled with goods cleared first before the decongestion can take place.

My concern is that if we do not continue from Ibadan to Kano, then we are leaving the problem at Ibadan.

Amaechi stated that we transport about 30 million tonnes of cargo each year from that Apapa to Kano. As we are transporting it, only 200 tonnes go by rail.

He clarified that a loan facility from China has been applied for. Once it`s gotten, the construction from Ibadan to Kano will continue. And once that is done, you will see that the goods will be dissipating.



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