Emolga Councillors React: The Chairman Tom Aliezi Gave Us Assess To Car Funds, We Didn’t Keep It Secret As Peddled In The Media


Some of the Emolga Councillors currently representing their wards in the Legislative Assembly have reacted over news that they assessed cash support by the current administration of the executive chairman of the LGA, Chief Tom Aliezi, silently without making it public.

Speaking with True Blue Reporters on Monday in Port Harcourt, the councillors who said they weren’t speaking for the Legislative Assembly but as individual, though, preferred in anonymity regretted that such deeds were not in public knowledge as may be required like that of their colleagues in some other LGA in Rivers State, saying it was never intentional.

“It is true that we assessed fund individually through Access Bank availed to us by the executive chairman of Emolga, Chief Tom Aliezi.” the councillor affirmed.

On the report that they assessed about #4million and kept it secret, the councillor said,

“Most of us may not have made public appreciation like you said, but we appreciated the LGA chairman on our individual way and have remained grateful over it.”

“One thing I must commend the chairman was on the issue of allowing us go into individual choices and personal usage unlike buying cars for everyone (as loan like was done elsewhere) knowing most of us already have personal cars before becoming councillors.”

The councillors further said, “many of us assessed the fund and went into meaningful ventures with it other than buying cars (even though some still bought car with theirs). There have not been any record of misuse amongst us”

On whether there exist cordial working relationship between the LGA Chairman and the councillors, the councillor replied,

“Yes, there exist strong cordial working relationship between the LGA Chairman and the councillors to move Emolga forward. If there was none, the LGA chairman with other members of the executive council wouldn’t have made assess to the fund possible to us as done. So, we enjoy good working relationship as at today.”


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