Lust & Love (Enemy within) episode 11 and 12A


Lust and Love (Enemy within) episode 11 and 12A

Episode 11
The fear that gripped me when I was told about how Jide wanted to frame me for a fraud that would have earned me years behind bar is nothing compared to what I felt when the Doctor announced the test result ‘Mr. Benjamin, I’m afraid to tell you that an almost lethal quantity of Calcium Glucate is residual in your blood stream!’
To me, the day has been long enough and has had its fair share of shocks and bad news, to add this one to it is more like adding salt to injury.

The first thought that came to mind is how can someone hate me so much to want to get rid of me this way? The questions of what could I have done to merit this injustice and have I been this terrible a person to someone to the point that I now deserve to die?

I looked at my father in-law, and as if he knew I was about to ask him a load of questions, he quickly dispatched us from the doctor’s office.

After obtaining our bill, he handed it over to Tunde (who has been at the hospital lobby all this while) to take care of it while we stepped out of the hospital, as we were making our way to his car, he said ‘ I know by now you have a lot of que……’ ‘yes of course I do!’ I cut him short, ‘I mean, how did you know about all this?

If it were not a hospital I choose by myself I would have concluded that you are the one planning all this all by yourself’ ‘well it’s a good thing I asked you to pick the hospital yourself…’ he grinned for a second and then frowned again, ‘but how did you know about all this……and, and who is trying to kill me’ I queried ‘oh Ben! Your innocence impresses me but sometimes it may cause your downfall’.

By now we were already driving out of the hospital ‘Ben, I believe you know in your mind who might be trying to kill you, you are just finding it hard to believe that your beloved wife could do something as terrible as that to you. After all, you are the model husband every woman should be praying to have’. The mention of my wife made me shiver! I started questioning everything I ever believed in. Like my father in-law said, I knew the only person all this could point to is my wife Andral, but like I said earlier, I wasn’t ready anymore to jump into conclusion, especially in matters as delicate as this.
‘How did you know all this?’ my curiosity could no longer be hidden, ‘and why would Andral want to kill me? I love her, I adore her and the thought of cheating on her has never crossed my mind, so why on earth will Andral want to kill me? I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer to that question though, my heart skipped as my father in-law’s mouth was about to start explaining the theory behind the plot of my death to me.

‘Ben do you remember the time Isabella your so called daughter was ill?’ the fact that he used the word ‘so called daughter’ in this topic means I was in for a shocker that I may never recover from, I knew it was going to come hard on me. It was now I started grabbing the meaning of everything he said to me in his office that Monday morning when he called me back from the Airport.

His words ‘What I can’t promise you though is if things will ever be exactly the same again for you or any of us ……’ started ringing in my head, so instead of talking, I simply nodded. My heart was giving me signs that it might fail me but I was interested in what he had to say anyway. I tried to make myself comfortable in the back seat that we were both seated as my father in-law’s driver drove us away.

‘Did it ever occur to you how abnormal it was for your blood and that of your wife not to match with your daughter’s own?’ I did not give him any reply to his question, I just maintained my gaze on him as he continue, ‘well Abigail suspected something when the news that your blood is no match for your daughter, so she started digging, what she found out was that the anonymous blood donor was indeed, Nnamdi, the boy that your wife once eloped with to France’ the way my face lit up would suggest to you that I had seen a ghost, but no, I haven’t seen a ghost, what got my attention was the fact that my wife once eloped to France -the same place we did our honey moon, the same place we conceived both Isabella and Caleb!
I must have been the most foolish husband in the history of family life………………………….


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