Placement into Math Mammoth – so important


I know it’s time when many families are choosing curriculum for the next school year, and I also know how important it is for people to use PLACEMENT TESTS prior to starting Math Mammoth.

So here it is, finally (I do wish I had gotten this video done a bit sooner!) …  some basic principles about how to use Math Mammoth placement tests, in video format. (And, these tests also work as generic math assessment tests — you can use them even if you don’t use Math Mammoth.)

Brief summary:

– Choose a test you THINK your student will pass.

– 80% is a passing score; students scoring 50-79% probably just need to study the areas where they have gaps

– Based on the results, you may need to administer the next lower or higher level test also… or in some cases, even three tests… to get a good grasp of what your student knows and doesn’t know.

– If a student does well overall, except in one particular area (such as geometry), consider administering parts of the lower level tests in that area.

– Consider not testing students who suffer from math anxiety.

The tests are available here.


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