When People Talk About Hunger In Nigeria, ‘I Just Laugh’, There’s No Hunger ~Minister

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Alhaji Mohammed Nanono on Monday said there is no hunger in Nigeria and the nation is enough food to feed itself.
Nanono, who disclosed this while addressing journalists on the occasion of the World Food Day in Abuja, said he is always amused when he hears people complaining of hunger in Nigeria.
According to him, the policy of the government is to produce and feed ourselves and in the process, create the process to empower people.
“I assume ciao as these bordering countries don’t respect our protocols on these vitalproblems with transfer food into Federal Republic of Nigeria, border closure will remain.
“I assume we tend to area unitmanufacturing enough to feed ourselves.
I think there’s no hunger in Nigeria; there might be inconveniences.

When people talk about hunger in this country, I just laugh because they don’t know hunger.

“You need to go to some other countries to know what hunger is.
“If you say I miss my breakfast and I get lunch and dinner, then that is all right… part of the problem of overweight is not necessarily the issue of a balanced diet, but some of us stay put without knowing that Nigeria used to be a former zone for migration in sub-Sahara Africa,” he said.
The Minister of Agriculture also predicted that Nigerian farmers would witness bumper harvest this year, regardless of the flood that ravaged some states.
He also gave assurance that Nigeria would be self-sufficient in food production and even export food to other countries in no distant time



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