Women’s Health: Six Things You Should Know Before Your Next Menstrual Flow ~By Queen Barima


Mensuration is a part of a woman’s life (Women’s Health). It is inevitable for every lady and as such, much care needs to be taken during mensuration period in order not to look disorderly or catch an infection.

Queen Barima, a health expert and pharmaceutical jurisdiction at the University of Port Harcourt explains on Women’s Health this time.

During mensuration, most women prefer using sanitary pads or tampons. Which ever you prefer using, you need to take utmost care of it because the woman’s body is open to any form of infection unlike the case of the male folks.
As a lady, you need pay special attention to your body during periods.

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Most women have different periods of flow, some could be between 3-4 days, others could be 5-8 days. As the duration of flow increases, so also the intensity of flow.
Some women have heavy flow for the first 3 days and a light flow for the last 2 days for a five day flow. During your period, you should note the following;

1. You can use either sanitary pads or tampons. Which ever one that makes you feel comfortable is fine but do not use scented pads. These scented pads can disrupt the normal vaginal flora, which can lead to irritation or abnormal discharge from the vagina.

2 . Change your pad every 3-4 hours, for those that normally have heavy flow, it is advisable to change your pad more frequently. Once blood accumulates in your pad, it gives room for growth of microorganisms which can lead to serious vaginal infection as your intimate part is directly exposed to blood.

3 . Avoid eating salty foods. Eating salty foods contributes to bloating/water retention that women feel during this period. It also worsens cramps.

4. Avoid unprotected sex during your period. The human blood is a favorable medium for growth of virus and bacteria. As a result of this, some infections like Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV, staph, syphilis, etc. can easily be transmitted between you and your partner. You are not also protected from pregnancy during your period as ovulation and bleeding can happen at the same time during pregnancy.

5. Avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks like coffee and the likes. These can worsen cramps and bloating.

6. Always wear clean clothing’s during period to prevent having an offensive smell.

Stay clean! Stay Safe!



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