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2023 ELECTION: Wike Fires Back At Senator Lee Meeba, Atiku Supporter

by True Blue Reporters

The executive governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike on Friday in Khana LGA, Rivers State took swipes on Senator Lee Meeba, a strong supporter of the PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar over his comment that those who destroyed his house were sent by the state governor

Nyesom Wike who frowned at the allegation by his former friend Lee Meeba during an event in Khana informed the public that he dressed the way he did because he was coming for war and that he had informed Senator Lee to tune to TV channels and watch him with his lawyers Incase he will find something to sue him the governor

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According to Nyesom Wike, “As at the time I had my first degree, Lee Meeba was a cook”

“As at the time I had my degree in law, he was a cook. What will I gain to go and kill him.” He stated

“What is Lee Meeba important in Khana? He’s not a treat and there’s no issues of killing him” he said

Wike went further to question the Contributions of Lee Meeba as a senator and with his closeness to Atiku Abubakar while he was the Vice President of Nigeria.

“You were a senator, mention what project you brought to Ogoni land. You said you’re close to Atiku, what project did you bring
He was one of the senators that was close to Atiku as vice president, what did he bring to the people of Ogoni land” he stated

Wike accused Lee Meeba of owning and selling an oil block he got through his company Tiger Company

“You got an oil block which you sold at 15million dollar. Mention which Ogoni son you have sent to go and study. We gave you contract with your company Tiger Company to construct internal roads in your area, did you do it? He said

Wike went further to boast that he has contributed immensely in every offices he held from LGA Chairman, Minister and then governor.

According to Wike, “As a minister, I brought a school to my community and all that. Lee, what is your own to Ogoni people? You said I promised you governor. I never promised you governor.”

True Blue Reporters recalls that Nyesom Wike and Senator Lee Meeba had disagreed over personal interest and supports for the 2023 election. A situation which saw Lee Meeba showing the public how his house and cars were damaged one faithful morning, accusing the governor of being behind it

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