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ADULT: Side Effects on Lack of Sex

by True Blue Reporters

Many side effects on lack of sex has been identified by various health experts in different quarters with uncountable effects, both negative and positive according to the research embarked upon by the researcher at that moment in time

While many especially adolescents are ignorant of some side effects, others are only aware of the fact that abstaining from sex will save one from unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, infections and possibly negative spirit contact from the opposite sex as its commonly said religiously

True Blue Reporters gathered that some side effects on lack of sex may include: nausea, erectile dysfunction, eternal bleeding, an influx of sodium, headaches, migraines, liver cancer, breast cancer, blindness, buttery hands, depression, suicidal thoughts and actions, anxiety, influx in violent actions, death by architects, death by high ground, rashes, loss of hair, loss of pubic hair, increase in breast size, patches of fur, increased size of your pinky toe, pocket sand, influx of chlorine in your blood, and maybe even cause death.

There’s also the idea of sex as an easy exercise of burning calories and its help to prevent stroke in both male and female. It also reduces the risk and temptation of rape while lack of it may increase the urge and desire

These side effects are according to individual and body

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However, medical experts may have other inputs which could strengthen or even differ from some effects as stated in this report, it is still not far from the fact that large percentage of the points listed here are common side effects to look out for

Those below the age of 18 are advised to totally abstain from sex, likewise those who are not yet married. Sex is for couples, singles are also advised against the dangers associated with unprotected sex

Religious organizations also preaches against sex before marriage

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