By Dae Steven Deegbara

by True Blue Reporters

The 2023 edition of the NPA Port Harcourt international Polo tournament gets on the way today Sunday 8th January, 2023, Rivers residence and indeed the Nigerian people are in for another week memorable experience.

More like the experience of the 50th edition, last year’s Golden Jubilee tournament of the club, this 2023 edition promises to offer even more better.

Plus the enjoyable display of polo skills and horse riding by veterans in the equestrian sports, spectators are going to be thrilled with a complete package of week-long entertaining activities.

Best national and international Polo players, both from civilian, military and paramilitary organizations will be paraded in intriguing chukka rounds.

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Teams like StrataBase, other teams, players from Brazil, Asia, Africa and Europe will slog it out on the beautifully mowed lush green turf strategically situated in the middle of high-brow GRA area in the garden city of Port Harcourt.

Amateur players, kids from the Polo academy shall be showcased, as a testament to a idea and vision of the Port Harcourt Polo Club to catch them young, and in efforts to demystify the game of Polo.

Fun seekers, holiday makers and lovers of sports, games especially those who love the equestrian sports are as always, geared up for a week of fun, humor and enjoyment.

Already, President of the Club, Engr Dr Chukwudi Dimkpa, FNSE, FNIEEE, AMNICE, MSPE, ARPA, FCIA, a man who never settles for less, is visibly prepared, mentally and emotionally to deliver back-to-back another word class tournament.

Spaces are available and being booked by corporate entities and business concerns as opportunity to showcase their wears, products and services to enthusiasts.

Artists, local and international shall be on display, musicians, comedians, world class disck jokers and showbiz personalities are already booked for all week evenings of relaxation, fun and entertainment

After having a great traditional experiences at our different local communities during the Christmas and New year holidays, their can be no better place to reactivate your city life and experience than the at the Port Harcourt Polo Club.

Welcome to the 51st edition of the NPA Port Harcourt international Polo tournament.

Welcome to Port Harcourt Polo Club!

The Game begins

~Dae Steven Deegbara

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