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DAY 3: NDDC/ESI Training on POS, How to Succeed in the Business

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

The 7th Edition of the NDDC/ESI Entrepreneurial Development Scheme, training on POS business continued for the day 3 as series of training and lectures took the center stage to see trainees through perfection on the use and operation of the Agency Banking, POS business

The erudite Professor Henry Ozuru of the marketing department, University of Port Harcourt took indepth training on the use of the ATM Card by the POS owner and customers, expatiating on the diverse uses and various types of ATM Card.

Prof. Henry Ozuru further trained the participants on the use of Mobile network, the challenges associated with it and the POS and possible way out to achieve reliable business transaction.

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The Prof. further alerted the participants on some fraudulent practices associated with the ATM card and POS. He emphasized on the need for proper knowledge on current financial policies of the Central Bank as it concerns the economy and apply properly in the financial business.

On another training section, Mr Godwin Ejugu, a representative of the Access Bank Team on POS, in a training that lasted for hours, practicalized the POS usage, how it looks, the menus, the functions of each menu, how to apply the card, and many more.

Mr Godwin exposed the risk associated with the use of POS for businesses on daily basis and possible means of overcoming such risks. He went further to explain the fraudulent practices faced by POS users in the hands of their customers as being reported weekly to the bank and cautioned the trainees. Contacts and means of reaching out to the bank Incase of such risk where given out to the trainees.

The third lecture session featured Dr. Dike Bekwele, a professional Marketer, with PhD in Marketing, an erudite scholar, a renowned journalist and writer. He trained the trainees on the importance and skills involved in Branding Business.

Dr. Bekwele explained the tactics involved in Packaging and Branding of the individual POS business in various locations of choice. He further outlined the advantages and while its very important in driving business and getting in touch with customers far and nigh.

Dr. Bekwele further emphasized on advertisement and pointed out forms of adverts. He taught of the simple advert tactics for a beginner that does not involve spending but very productive.

Question and answer sessions was also a learning avenue as every trainees who had questions on the various lectures and training so far where attended to and clarified.

True Blue Reporters was there and reports that it was very educative sessions with practical display of the financial business with Agency Banking, POS and the high level of profit associated with it if properly managed.

The participants were also fed morning and afternoon food and drinks as the lecture and training went on. Musical sessions and other entertainments were also accomodated

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