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Federal Appointment: How These Few Leaders Have Shared 9 Slots of Rivers APC to Themselves

by True Blue Reporters

Allegation has risen on how some leaders of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State allocated and shared about nine slots of proposed federal appointment said to be slots given to APC in Rivers State by the incumbent President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Member of the party who spoke in first hand knowledge on the issue narrated;

“Two weeks ago I heard on strong terms that, National gave 9 slots to Rivers APC to be nominated for various boards at the Federal level.”

He pointed out that few leaders took the chance, while some gave it out to themselves, others gave to their private loyalist. He also aledged that they sat without informing nor inviting others to the table.

“That only Dakuku Adol Peterside DAP, Tonye Cole, Asita Honourable, Emeka Beke and Victor Giadom sat down and shared the slots to themselves.” He stated.

He further revealed that the state party chairman, as well as the former acting national chairman of APC are said to have allocated the said federal appointment to themselves.

“In their sharing, DAP gave a chance to one of his supporters in Nkoro and have one to another person in Opobo, Tonye Cole gave one to Sokonte to produce from Kalabari and Asita Honourable to produce one from Ahoda. Emeka Beke nominated himself and gave one to another person, while Victor Giadom also nominated himself and gave one to another person.” He aledged.

The party youth decried that despite the sufferings of many, few individuals who have made themselves powerful in the Rivers APC has continuously position themselves and keep eating at the expense of suffering Rivers APC faithfuls

“I heard this on a very reliable source. Is this not wonderful in a Party we are all suffering?” He stated.

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True Blue Reporters is making efforts to get the view of those mentioned on the issue as aledged. Our reporters gathered that the ministerial slot which politically speaking should go to a member of the incumbent party in each state of the federation as being done in the past has miraculous been handed to a member of the opposition party in Rivers State, a situation which has left many party faithfuls wondering on what becomes their fate in the party even as they have no stake at the state level.


Disclaimer: This blog post reflects the personal views of the party member and does not represent the position of True Blue Reporters

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