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How To Make Your Life Count ~ Pastor Michael Praise, Flaming Glory Assembly

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

The presiding pastor of Flaming Glory Assembly Michael Praise Chibuike Allison has taken time to expatiate on Making Life Count in the society we live in

In a topic Making Life Count with a TEXT from the bible book of Judges 11:1-end

The Flaming Glory Assembly Pastor explained that No matter what you face now, you’re not the first to go through it. Make life count.
“It is how you see the challenges of life that brings about the challenges you experience
What you have been going through or what you go through does not have the power to limit you.
Man’s greatest enemy is self.” He stated

According to him,

“Your greatest enemy in life is the reflection of how you see yourself. Every outside enemy that defeat the inside enemy consults the inside enemy. Make your life count. What you don’t make happen no one will make it happen for you.”

“The challenges of life will either inspire you or expire you. No challenge is greater or mightier than any. It is your approach to the challenge that defines it.”

“That you know God does not determine your victory, it’s how you use the God you know that determines your breakthrough”

“It takes a good thought to take you to your destiny without frustration.”

“Prayer moves mountain, thinking makes and position mountain. Christians should learn to think, put on active brain. After you pray, think, let her head work.”

“Knowledge is superior to anointing. Have anointing, Have knowledge”

“Don’t leave your life anyhow, Make life count.”

“The glory of any man is simply a reflection of his story. Make life count.”

What is Success

Success is the story of men who desired more than what life threw at them. Success is a product of being consistent doing the right thing

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1. Do not ever loose your originality (Judges 11:1)
To make life count, don’t ever loose your originality, keep it intact
There’s something about you that is so unique. Don’t throw it away for something else

2. Refuse to leave in the confined of your challenges. Don’t be comfortable with the environment of your challenges. Refuse to be defined by what you have been through, be defined by what you have make through (Judges 11:2).

Be responsible, stop making excuses and start making your life count.

3. Make up your mind not to return to the place where you were challenged, become a better person

Always return to the place where you were confronted a ‘confronter’

4. Do not throw away the content of your challenges yesterday. That is, do no throw away the experiences in the challenges of yesterday (Judges 11:7)

Build strength from your challenges, build your friends wisely.

5. Understand your worth and negotiate your gifting and talent (Judges 11:9&10)

6. Always put God in front of all that concerns you (Joshua 11:11)
No matter how challenging it seem, bring God inside.

7. Never reveal the secret of your uniqueness to haters and strangers. If you do, you may no longer be relevance, they can take your place (Judges 11:3)
Keep your uniqueness and strength to yourself.

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