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12 Ways of Guilding Your Life Successfully

by True Blue Reporters

Becoming successful is the prayer of everyone but guilding your life successfully is a major challenge confronting many whom in one way or the other have lost out completely over costly mistakes probably because they lack “ways of guilding your life successfully”

The Lead Pastor of Flaming Glory Assembly, Pastor Michael Praise Chibuike Allison has outlined 12 Ways of Guilding Your Life Successfully. According to him;

• Be careful of the opposite sex.

He explained the case of Sampson who lost out in the Bible as a result of being loosed not considering the implications and how that costs his strength and life.

• Be careful of money

In pursuit of money, many have lost their life leaving the money. It is important to have money, it is dangerous to be carried away by the love of money. It has taken and shattered many lives. Be careful.

• Be careful of friends and company you keep

Many have lost their lives keeping bad company. A boy was doing well in school, reading every night for the purpose of passing his exams and making his parents proud. But was deceived by someone he called a friend to join him for a birthday party for just an hour. Unknowingly to him, it was a plot to initiate him into what he never bargained.

• Be careful of the conversations you have

Bridling your tongue will do lots of good in the world of today. People quote you with what comes out of your mouth, you’re judged by what you say. Many have landed into trouble by what they say and how they where probably misquoted. Guide your conversation.

• Be careful of who you help and how you help whenever anyone needs your help.

It is good to help people, it is dangerous to help the wrong people. Be careful

• Be careful of your emotions and how you use your emotions

Many have committed suicide due to emotional breakdown. Do not give in to whatever weakens you emotionally, go for the things that strengthens you.

• Be careful of who you trust and how you trust people.

You don’t trust every person that comes to you, especially those you’re meeting for the first time. Be careful of those you give your trust. They can make you or destroy you.

• Be careful who you love

Love is a beautiful thing, it has also destroyed many for loving wrongly and those who also don’t love them in return

• Be careful of your thoughts

What occupies your brain and heart has a way defining your actions. Be careful of your thoughts

• Be careful of what you believe and who you believe

It is dangerous to believe everything you hear without verifying and analyzing. Many has fallen victim of 419 because they believed wrongly and wrong people. Be careful

• Be careful of the information you receive and share, life could be involved.

• Be careful of what you give at every point in time.

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