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Pastor Michael Chibuike Allison Gives Deep Insights About Harvest, Celebrates Wife

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

Pastor Michael Chibuike Allison, the presiding pastor of Flaming Glory Assembly 201 NTA Road in Port Harcourt on Sunday took crowd of worshippers in new dimensions of teaching, the word, praise and worship.

It was also a service with extraordinary worship and praises which featured holy ghost filled gospel singers like Pastor Justman Ebere, MaPraise, amongst others and in celebration of the beautiful wife of the presiding pastor, Pastor Mrs Christie Michael Allison on her 40th Birthday

Pastor Michael who mounted the pulpit at about after 9am started with the explanation on how God has really helped him with a beautiful, patience and understanding wife like Christie Alison, whom despite all odds had stood by him in the midst of nothing and while they built their home together

Pastor Christie Michael Allison 40th Birthday

Despite showering eulogies on his darling wife, Pastor Michael did not fail to praise himself also for what he described as God using him to bring out the real beauty in his wife and how he gave up his fair complexion, turned dark skin while the wife became lighter and now more beautiful than himself. A narration which got the people into laughing loud and a clear indication of a happy church

True Blue Reporters reports that Pastor Michael Chibuike Allison titled his sermon “REAPING & HARVESTING (Understanding the system of harvest)” and took his text from Gen. 8:22

He stated “Your life is a summary of harvest.” And explained that;

• The harvest season is the beauty of all season put together

• The harvest season is the accumulation of seasons summarized in joy

• The harvest season is the reason for seed planting, for the weeding and dressing and for the waiting.

• The harvest season defines all that you have done in all seasons before the harvest

He further pointed out vital things to know about one’s harvest as follows;

• Harvest are not always bound by time (Gen. 8:23a)

• Harvest does not always come as expected

• Harvest are always greater than the seed

• Harvest are never bound or tied to the opinions of men

• Harvest can never be predicted by men and what they wish

• Harvest is inevitable

According to him, “Your life generally is a product of seed and a reflection of seed. However not every harvest is a product of your seed.”

“No matter what you see, when it comes to the house of God and his priest be very careful. Psalm 105: 16, Matt. 16:18.” He stated

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