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Why Court Faulted Case Against Fubara Ohaka On Illegal Bunkering

by True Blue Reporters

The witch-hunt against Fubara Ohaka an indigene of Ibaa in Emolga Rivers State began in the heat and preparation for who becomes who in the 2023 general election in Emohua Local Government Area and Rivers State at large.

At the prevailing issue of high bunkering activities going on then in various part of the state including Emolga, politicians saw it as an opportunity to link him and probably nail him in other to pave way for political victory of others they may wish.

Haven perceived the rising grassroot strength Fubara Ohaka seem to be commanding in the area and also a state house of assembly aspirant, he had obviously become strong to opposition within and outside party lines, hence, the need for the politics .

Fubara Ohaka, with the level of bunkering activities said to be going on in his own community like other communities in the region was then coated into being a bunker even though he had nothing to do with getting involve in bunkering nor residing in the community for over 15years. Not only did they label him a bunker, his enemies swiftly labeled him a Bunkering Kingpin in Ibaa.

To make the matter worst, while the then Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike took the war against illegal bunkering to the LGA , in a live video as the then governor was trying to mention those he may have gotten their names from security report, an Enemy echoed Fubara Ohaka ‘s name from background. That was how his name got into what the court has proven he knows nothing about.

To the surprise of everyone, just for political reasons, Fubara Ohaka was later arrested at midnight with no trace of his way about for some months and charged to court.


The presiding judge of federal high court in Port Harcourt, Justice Stephen Dalyop-Pam haven heard from both the plaintiff and defendant ruled that the plaintiff was unable to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused Fubara Ohaka is guilty of indulging in bunkering activities and upheld the no case submission by the defendant’s lawyer.

Fubara in his Port Harcourt residence told True Blue Reporters that his heart is filled with Joy seeing that he has been vindicated by the court through the help of God.

He thanked his family and friends who stood by him in the trying times and acknowledged that life indeed thought him a new lesson he will never forget.

“On how someone who goes about struggling to make a living for himself and family, in many times extends help to many far and close can still be wrongly accused and almost lost his life is still a mystery.” Fubara stated.

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