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Day 2 of Okerewa Onensi Carnival 2023, An Extraordinary Gospel Night

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

The Day 2 of Okerewa Onensi Carnival 2023 was an extraordinary gospel night with inspiring worships and high praises that saw various gospel artists take the stage in grand styles 

The Day 2 of the program began with a speech by the paramount ruler of the community,  Chief Eteeh Osaro Elechi cheering the people on why the day 2 is of high importance to every lover of God and peace in the land.

He recognized that the Day 1, the Crusade was amazing and that from the organizations on ground, he’s looking forward to a greater night of acknowledging the goodness of God as a people and assured participants of total peace and security in Okerewa.

As such, he could not hold back to eulogize the Okerewa Community Development Initiative under the leadership of Benjamin Ngokanya for bringing such memorable initiative towards enhancing peace and development of Okerewa and portraying the community in good light.


On his part, Benjamin Ngokanya, the chairman Okerewa Community Development Initiative, the man who has become the talk of the town in so much that many imagine how through his leadership prowess Okerewa has seen extraordinary turn around in all ramifications and wonders how he does it. He welcomed the guests and the crowd.

Benjamin Ngokanya boasted that Okerewa Community has only began in terms of development and will compete with any city in the country if it continues in same momentum, promising of greater days ahead with every available resources.

True Blue Reporters was there and report that the Okerewa Community of yesterday where Dustin bin were littered every street with bad roads and an almost looking hopeless situation, has become a tourist center to communities within the region in terms of developmental strides ranging from fixed roads, street lights, hospital, Okerewa international school, Okerewa cooperative, Okerewa farm, Okerewa security, Okerewa Carnival, to mention but few.

Day 2 of the Okerewa Onensi Carnival 2023 with Xpice Management Company as the event managers featured stage performance from St Paul’s Cathedral Band, G-Rhymx, Henry O with amazing stage performance.

The program had a life changing message from Rev. Bernard Oluka who guided the people with scriptural references, from his heart glorified God for his marvelous hands upon the community and poured out God’s blessings in the land of Okerewa.

The atmosphere got into an extraordinary dimension as the Masters of ceremony, Daddy Saro and Udeme Obot announced to the stage Mr Silas, Noah and Sister Edith to take the stage in turns. Food, drinks and other merriments went to and fro as the people enjoyed themselves

What a day as the people became more eager for Day 3.

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