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Day 3 of Okerewa Onensi Carnival 2023, Carol Night With Difference

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

The Day 3 of the Okerewa Onensi Carnival 2023 was on the 23rd December, a Carol Night with visible difference from various Carol Night organized during Christmas seasons.

The day which had free medical outreach within the day later became a night long awaited by the people. The crowd doubled in such a manner that one may ask whether its an entire local government event or a community program.

Xpice Management Company, a company with organizational skills and professional in what they do could obviously put the even going smoothly, well managed and controlled.

Moses Bliss was live in Okerewa Community and took the center stage with ministration from the throne of heaven. Minutes by minutes it got better with Moses Bliss leading the crowd who could not sit on the well arranged seats but chose to run down almost at the stage, singing, re-echoing, worshiping, dancing, rejoicing and celebrating alongside.

The happy crowd could not let Moses Bliss stop his ministration at the allotted time frame , rather he kept ministering on and on in such manner that the atmosphere was like that of heaven on earth.


Some of the participants who spoke to True Blue Reporters revealed that they’ve so longed to meet Moses Bliss one on one, hence the joy and excitement.

“I am in love with Moses Bliss pattern of worship, his voice, the rhymes and how he presents it from his heart. Its an amazing experience to have him in Okerewa Community and the excitement is just there.” Cross section of participants.

The participants praised Benjamin Ngokanya for bringing well known and admired artists down to Okerewa Community Aleto-Eleme. While many said it’s the first of its kind in the history of the community, others admitted its a story to tell generations.

Hope Levi had extraordinary stage performance which set the stage for more and lifted expectations. Minister Gideon, Kaka Chukwu were also on stage with great performance

It was sparkling colourful with the display by Pure Brass Band all the way from Akwa Ibom state and then the exceptional voice and tunes by Minister Peter Ibalafa

The very respected Venerable Kingsley Ogbonda of the Anglican communion was live in Okerewa as he took the word of God to a divine realm with unique way of dissecting the scriptures to the understanding of the people.

Okerewa Onensi Carnival 2023

The community Chief Eteeh Osaro Elechi and the Okerewa Community Development Initiative Hon. Benjamin Ngokanya could not hold back their joy and excitement seeing the outpouring joy visibly displayed by the entire community in so much that hatred, envy and envy is gone in the heart of the people

The program was also live on Facebook at True Blue Reporters, as it connected to persons abroad to participate in the joy

True Blue Reporters reports that 26th December is slated as the grand finale with very popular circular artists invited to take the center stage for the day. It’s a day the people are eager for and we’ll bring you update

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