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Latest on The Uniport Student Caught By VC Over Her Dressing To Lecture

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

The Uniport Student caught by VC during his usual on the spot assessment of the campus on her indecent dressing within the university learning arena is said to be facing the reality of life currently with regrets over her attitude and dressing to lecture

We gathered that the Uniport student caught by VC have turned a new life on her dress sense and have been pleading with the university management and the general public to forgive her in what many described as a show of shame in her dressing to lecture on that particular day

True Blue Reporters visited the Vice Chancellor’s office and enquired on the decision of the University towards the attitude of the student who was encountered by the Vice Chancellor

In clear response, the Vice Chancellor Professor Georgewill Owunari acknowledged the viral video that showed himself admonishing a student over her dressing and clarified that such indecent dressing is no longer allowed in Uniport

When True Blue Reporters asked the vice chancellor on the decision of the management towards the student, he revealed as thus;

“The said student has been apologizing. Infact, she has also gone publicly to apologize. I hear she’s going about radio stations apologizing and now preaching on the need for decent dressings by all students. There are also pictures of her new dress sense on social media like I was told.” He stated.

“But if she has made such efforts and have turned a new look sincerely, the university will have the choice of forgiving her too. Our interest is not to victimize any student, but that they should be seen worthy in learning and in character.” He stated

“We forgive her”, the VC told True Blue Reporters

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Indecent dressing has now been forbidden in the university campus as code of dressing is now in place. Many are still commending the VC on his relentless transformations in University of Port Harcourt

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