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UNIPORT: Prof Georgewill Owunari Records Mind-blowing Impacts, Achievements

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

The Vice Chancellor of University of Port, Professor Georgewill Owunari has brought back the glory of the institution and has put it back on the right track of what it ought to be in learning and academic standard, observers pointed

When asked about the series of court cases that bedeviled Uniport before he took over as Vice Chancellor, Prof Georgewill Owunari told True Blue Reporters that he inherited many court cases but confirmed that its now all over.

“I met a university that was divided with so much hatred, more than 150 cases in court, today the unity in UNIPORT can be felt, no single court case by any staff for any reason. No staff sacked or suspended.” Prof. Georgewill stated.

The VC revealed that he enjoys good working condition with staff of the institution and pointed out how those deserving of elevation were elevated without delay.

“In a year and half 200 staff were elevated to Professors.” He stated

True Blue Reporters reports that no VC in the institution has elevated half that number in their entire tenure.

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We gathered that Staff who go for conferences local, national and international have support from the university. Where the university cannot pay full sponsorship, they pay 50%.

The current administration celebrate every staff no matter how little the achievements are.

Prof Georgewill Owunari and his team brought friends to Uniport who spend their hard earned money to rehabilitate hostels, staff offices, buy vehicles for principal officers, grant scholarships of 100,000 each year paid through the university to over 360 students who ordinarily would not have been able to continue their programs.

True Blue Reporters gathered that those students receive 55,000 every year into their accounts which the university keeps the school charges of 45,000.

When asked if he sits in his office to know the condition of the hotels, classrooms and other areas of the instruction, the VC said,

“Every Saturday we do hostel rounds to check issues and repairs done immediately or those needing further attention given directives”

“We go round classrooms to ensure lecturers are there so that teaching and learning takes place adequately”, he stated.

The achievements are endless, read our next report on the area of Infrastructure in Uniport, Latest Accreditations, staff welfare, transportation and so on.

Everything stated here by True Blue Reporters are first hand information and verifiable facts from the school management and office of the vice chancellor

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