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Happy Birthday Sir Hon. Lucky Ugochukwu Worluh

By Dandy Loveday

by True Blue Reporters

I have plenty of good reasons to give God praise for you, your life, and everything about you.

God’s perspective on you has shown men’s perspectives to be false. God has raised you above where Men would have you fall out of His great mercy.

Men may want you to beg for food, but God’s word has always been victorious in your life. God has protected you, made you a provider, helper, and restorer of hope to individuals, families, communities, and religious organizations far and wide—even in the midst of little or nothing.

You should be one in a culture that values good men with morals, intelligence, a fear of God, and a desire to see the advancement and welfare of those with less privilege.

My prayer is that God continually bless you, protect you and grant you success in all your endeavors. I wish you long life in Jesus mighty name. AMEN


~Dandy Loveday

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